HSK will be needed in applying Chinese Top Universities

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HSK Require by TOP Universities in China

Ministry of Education of China recently released the list of universities of “Double First Rate,” a common term for China’s initiative to improve university education by building World-Class Universities and Disciplines. To apply these universities, not only excellent scores will be needed, but also HSK . Here is the details.

University NameRequired HSK
Peking UniversityHSK6
Renmin University of ChinaHSK4
Tsinghua UniversityHSK5
Beihang UniversityHSK5
Beijing Normal UniversityHSK4
Central Nationalities UniversityHSK5
Nankai UniversityHSK4
Tianjin UniversityHSK4
Dalian University of TechnologyHSK4
Jilin UniversityHSK3
Harbin Institute of TechnologyHSK4
Fudan UniversityHSK4
Tongji UniversityHSK3
Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityHSK5
East China Normal UniversityHSK4
Nanjing UniversityHSK4
Southeast UniversityHSK4
Zhejiang UniversityHSK4
Xiamen UniversityHSK4
Shandong UniversityHSK5
Ocean University of ChinaHSK5
Wuhan UniversityHSK5
Central South UniversityHSK4
Sun Yat-sen UniversityHSK4
South China University of TechnologyHSK4
Sichuan UniversityHSK5
Chongqing UniversityHSK4
Southwest Jiaotong UniversityHSK5
Lanzhou UniversityHSK3
Northeastern UniversityHSK5
Zhengzhou UniversityHSK4
Yunnan UniversityHSK3
Beijing Jiaotong UniversityHSK4
Beijing Universit of TechnologyHSK4
Beijing University of Science and TechnologyHSK4
Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsHSK4
Beijing Forestry UniversityHSK4
Beijing University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK6
Capital Normal UniversityHSK5
Beijing Foreign  Studies UniversityHSK6
China Communication UniversityHSK5
Central University of Finance and EconomicsHSK4
Beijing Sport UniversityHSK4
Central Conservatory of MusicHSK3
Central Academy of Fine ArtsHSK5
Central Academy of DramaHSK5,6
Chinese Academy of SciencesHSK5
Ningbo UniversityHSK3,4
Ningxia UniversityHSK4
Shaanxi Normal UniversityHSK5
Chang’an UniversityHSK3 above
Xi’an University of  Electronic Science and Technology HSK3 above
Northwestern UniversityHSK4, 5
Guizhou UniversityHSK4,5
Southwest  University of Finance and EconomicsHSK4
Southwest  UniversityHSK4
Chengdu University  of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK4
Sichuan  Agricultural UniversityHSK4,5
Southwest Petroleum UniversityHSK4
Southwest Jiaotong UniversityHSK4,5,6
Guangxi UniversityHSK4
Hainan UniversityHSK5
South China Normal UniversityHSK5
Guangzhou  University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK5,5,6
Jinan UniversityHSK5
Hunan Normal UniversityHSK3
Zhongnan University of Economics and LawHSK6
Huazhong Normal UniversityHSK4
China University of GeosciencesHSK6
Henan UniversityHSK3,4
Nanchang UniversityHSK4,5
Fuzhou UniversityHSK4,5
Hefei University of TechnologyHSK3
Anhui UniversityHSK4
China Academy of  Fine ArtsHSK4
Nanjing Normal UniversityHSK5
China Pharmaceutical UniversityHSK5,6
Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK5
Nanjing Agricultural UniversityHSK4
Nanjing University of Information EngineeringHSK4,5,6
Hohai UniversityHSK4
Nanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsHSK3,4
China University of Mining and TechnologyHSK4
Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyHSK4,5,6
Soochow UniversityHSK4
Shanghai UniversityHSK4
Shanghai Conservatory of MusicHSK4
Shanghai Institute of Physical EducationHSK5,6
Shanghai University of Finance and EconomicsHSK5
Shanghai International Studies UniversityHSK4
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK5
Shanghai Ocean Universityold HSK3
or new HSK4
East China  University of Science and TechnologyHSK4
Northeast Forestry UniversityHSK4
Northeast Agricultural UniversityHSK4
Harbin Engineering UniversityHSK4
Yanbian UniversityHSK5,6
Dalian Maritime UniversityHSK4
Inner Mongolia UniversityHSK3,6
Taiyuan University of TechnologyHSK3,4
Hebei University of  TechnologyHSK4
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHSK4